Patrick is feeling lonely in the house with Denise and the family on holiday and he talks Liz into dance practice. Things soon turn flirty and Patrick takes Liz to the pub. While Patrick is at the bar Liz gets a mysterious phone call and hurriedly tells Patrick she has to leave. Liz heads out to the Square and meets up with Owen…

Jean is put out when Charlie is sharp with her for worrying about Stacey. Charlie reveals that it’s the 10th anniversary of his wife Viv’s death but Jean accuses him of not caring about her or her family. Jean tries to visit Stacey in hospital and is upset when Stacey won’t see her. Jean feels guilty for rowing with Charlie and she finds him at Viv’s grave and apologises.

Sam is miffed when Peggy and Phil make fun of the suit she’s chosen for court and declares she’ll go without them. When Ricky says he can’t go with her Janine offers to go instead. Later, Janine visits Archie and they plot to get Sam to jump her bail and lose the Mitchells their bail money.

Also, Masood’s attempt to make up with Zainab fails; Darren buys an ice cream van.