Liz notices Tina and Peter’s flirting (VIDEO)

Simon refuses to go to school so Tina agrees to look after him. As Carla enthuses about how good Tina is with Simon, Sally reckons she should be jealous. At the Rovers, Tina spends her time laughing with Peter and it’s clear that their flirting has not gone unnoticed by Liz.

Anna and Owen accompany a frightened Faye to the police station. When being questioned by the police, Faye decides to cover for Grace.

Hayley tells Roy she needs to start making arrangements for her funeral. She asks Roy if he still fully supports her decision to kill herself. Roy stammers for an answer, and even though he tries to reassure Hayley he is fine, she is worried he isn’t as comfortable with her decision as she thought.

Also, Steve skives in the cab office chatting away to Andrea until Michelle calls in and he quickly pretends to be working hard.