Liz shops Tracy to the police!

Liz suggests to Tracy that they can report Tony to the police for handling stolen goods. But Tracy refuses and Liz realises she’s as guilty as Tony. However when Liz and Michelle discover a batch of stolen goods is due to be delivered today, she’s more determined than ever to get her own back and as Tracy unloads his stolen goods, the police arrive.

Brian tries again to persuade Julie to join him on his round-the-world trip but she studiously ignores him. Meanwhile, Mary tells Dev to fight to save his relationship with Julie.

When Roy gets a call from a distressed Cathy telling him the bailiffs have arrived at her house, Carla offers to drive Roy there. They arrive to find the bailiffs in the garden and Cathy shouting at them to leave her alone.

Erica thanks Nick for standing by her and behaving like a true gentleman.