Lloyd accuses Paul of being a racist!

After a stressful day for Paul, he’s under investigation for his run-in with the hoax caller and could lose his job, he heads to the pub for a game of darts with Steve. It looks like his luck has changed when his final dart wins the game. But the dart falls from the board and as the two men bicker about who’s the winner Paul tells Steve to ‘play the white man’. Lloyd’s horrified and accuses Paul of being a racist.

Peter insists to Carla that he’s going to turn things round at the bookies by offering the most competitive odds in town. It’s a desperate move and Carla knows it, but outwardly she backs him as the locals place their bets.

Sinead’s now convinced Chesney still has feelings for Katy. Realising how much he’s hurting her Ches apologises, admitting he’s struggling to move on. Understanding, Sinead says goodbye, insisting he knows where to find her when he’s ready.  Elsewhere, Katy is thrilled to hear the news of their split.

Also, David’s frustrated as Nick and Leanne reconcile; Rob’s not enjoying life as a debt collector until Tracy offers to help spice things up.