Lloyd and Paul square up! (VIDEO)

As Paul and Lloyd lock horns Jason dives in to prevent a fight. Paul’s demanding Lloyd apologises for calling him a racist, but as most people side with Lloyd a mortified Eileen drags Paul home where she and Jason take him to task. Meanwhile, Lloyd opens up to Steve about the racial abuse he’s suffered over the years. It’s something he feels strongly about and when Eileen tries to defend Paul a row brews between the two friends.

When Steve places an accumulator at the bookies Peter stands to lose a fortune if he wins. As it goes down to the wire Peter’s as pumped on the adrenalin as Steve is. But when Rob points out that Peter’s turning into a gambler himself, Carla starts to worry.

Katy calls on Chesney throwing herself on his mercy, apologising for hurting him and begging for another chance. Part of Chesney’s still angry, but part of him wants this more than anything.

Also, as David helps Kylie look after the bistro while Nick takes Leanne away he seizes the chance to step up his secret revenge plan. He heads behind the bar with a malevolent smile on his face; having witnessed how many people fall foul of debt collectors Tracy has a business proposition for Rob.