Lloyd contemplates forgiving Andrea

When Liz reveals she’s booked a holiday as a surprise for Lloyd, Steve’s pleased, believing Lloyd needs to get away from Andrea’s mind games. But when Dev reminds Lloyd that a baby is a blessing, he realises he needs to speak to Andrea. She makes a stirring speech, and Lloyd admits he wants her back.

David accompanies Max on his school outing to keep him safe from Callum. But Callum’s caught up with Kylie and demands she does whatever it takes to get his money. Goaded, Kylie slaps his face and he promises to make her pay. Later, he hangs around in the pub, behaving obnoxiously to everyone.

Encouraged by Anna, Cathy plans to open up to Roy about her feelings.

Steph’s outraged that Maria’s agreed to watch the racing with Luke. Tony informs a gutted Gail he’s found a manhole under her garage floor, which ought to be dug out and refilled – at extra cost.