Michelle has convinced herself that Steve cheated on her with Leanne and as the day goes on she gets more and more wound up, especially when she hears Leanne chatting on the phone to Steve. Later, when Michelle walks into the bar and everyone stops talking she gets paranoid and when she sees Lloyd talking to Leanne, she flips and sacks her. Michelle violently accuses Leanne of sleeping with Steve and refuses to believe the barmaid’s denials.

David and Tina survey the wreckage of the house the morning after the party and they are not quite sure how to break the news to Ted and Audrey. Meanwhile, Sally and Kevin are still furious with Teresa for her attack on Rosie and they demand an apology. Amber is also suffering the effects of the party as she has a stinking hangover, but Dev refuses to sympathise.

Jason is surprised to receive a card from Becky on his birthday. Becky is hopeful that she may reel Jason back in but she is disappointed when it doesn’t result in a date. A worried Roy quizzes Becky about her feelings for Jason but she plays it cool.

Also, Claire and Ashley are desperate to get into their new home.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Leanne heads home with Janice after Michelle’s attack at the pub and when Dan finds out about Michelle’s accusation, he insists on taking her back there to front up to Michelle. Dan takes great delight in telling Michelle and the pub punters that Leanne was visiting him at the hospital on the night in question.

Michelle is mortified that she made such a fool of herself as Liz takes great delight in the fact that Steve’s name has been cleared. Michelle goes back to pressuring Lloyd to tell her the truth and, desperate to get her off his back, he drops Steve in it with an elaborate lie. Michelle is stunned when Lloyd says that Steve has been planning a proposal!

Ted realises he needs to deal with the mess at the Platt house, but his attempts to clean up after the party are having little effect and he only succeeds in making the stains worse. Audrey is due round to inspect proceedings and it’s clear that he, David and Tina have their work cut out to get the house up to scratch.

Also, Vernon suggests to an unenthusiastic Liz that they buy their own bar; Mel feels left out as Jerry bonds with Teresa.