Lloyd finds out the truth about Cheryl

Lloyd‘s horrified to hear that Cheryl’s husband gave her a black eye, and it’s not the first time he’s hit her. He gets an even bigger shock when she tells him she’s got to get back home as Russ is due back. Lloyd tries to persuade her to go to the police but she’s insistent that she can deal with it. However, as Lloyd reluctantly drops her off Chris watches on as she gives him a hug to say thanks. Meanwhile, Steve’s puzzled to hear that the Strip club taxi contract has been cancelled, and confronts Lloyd.

Sean and Michelle hit on a plan to contact Violet and set up a fictional social networking page in the name of Liz McDonald. Sean knows it’s not right but he’s desperate for news of his son Dylan.

Nick’s thrilled when Dave confirms another order. With the work flooding in the girls enjoy working for Nick, despite Sean’s nagging doubts. Meanwhile, Nick tells Natasha he can now pay her back and she’s secretly disappointed to lose her hold over him. However, she’s soon won round by his charm.

Also; Tina and Graeme’s relationship deepens; Ken and Deirdre entertain Lewis and Audrey over dinner but it seems that it’s Deirdre and Lewis that are making a connection.

*Second Episode, 8.30pm*

Steve urges Lloyd to stay away from Cheryl but when she calls saying Chris has hit her again he can’t turn his back on her. As she hurries into his car with Russ, Chris takes note of the cab firm. Back on the street Lloyd feels guilty as Cheryl confesses Chris saw them together and that’s what triggered the attack. Reassuring her she’s safe now Lloyd insists they say at his. Meanwhile, Chris arrives at Streetcars, and questions Steve.

Nick’s under pressure over his dodgy business. With Sean asking questions he’s forced to admit they’re now working for Nick’s Nicks. Smelling a rat Sean wonders if Carla knows. Confiding in Natasha Nick admits he’s well rid of Carla. But she’s back and admitting to Trev she feels bad for leaving Nick in the lurch she reveals it’s time she returned to Underworld.

Violet’s sent ‘Liz’ a message on Facescene saying she’s split with Jamie and is bringing up Dylan alone. As Sean looks at pictures of his son for the first time he’s full of emotion.

Also; Norris is horrified when Emily offers Graeme their spare room.

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