Lloyd finds Slug!

Steve gets the break he’s been hoping for when Lloyd spots Slug loitering outside a pub. As Slug tries to make a run for it Lloyd tackles him to the ground and restrains him until Steve arrives. They try to get him to admit to planting the drugs in the Rovers but Slug refuses to talk. Steve and Lloyd bundle Slug into the boot of the car and he begins to worry what they have in store for him.

Jack is still keen on moving out and as he checks the Gazette for flats, Molly’s supportive. Tyrone, however, is not happy that she’s encouraging him to leave. Connie reiterates her offer to Jack and she’s pleasantly surprised when he agrees to the idea. Aware the news won’t go down well, Jack enlists Molly’s help in breaking the news to Tyrone.

Kevin and Molly continue their affair but need to avoid suspicion. Kevin decides to concoct a scheme pretending to take on more vehicle recovery as a cover for seeing Molly at evenings and weekends.

Also, Ken takes Simon back to Peter’s flat where they find him chasing Naomi round the room in a state of undress. Joe sets off for his court sentencing.

*Second Episode, 8.30pm*

Becky lays into Slug and demands the truth. He vehemently denies planting the drugs in the Rovers but Becky can see he’s lying and forces him to talk. He admits that Hooch blackmailed him into setting her up and he had no choice. Forming a plan, Steve confiscates Slug’s drugs and tells him that if he wants them back he must make Hooch believe he will expose his blackmail plot in court. Later, Steve and Slug decide to lure Hooch to a deserted spot where they confront him.

Tyrone is furious that Jack intends to live with Connie. He can’t bring himself to trust her and brands her a gold-digger. Jack’s had enough and offers to show him round Connie’s house. Tyrone is stunned by its size and Jack assures him Connie will never replace Vera.

Blanche offers to babysit Simon during Peter’s dinner date with Naomi but Peter says he wants Simon to be there as they come as a package. Naomi is irritated by Simon’s presence, however, making it clear she wants him to herself.

Also, Kevin and Molly put their plan to get more time together into action and Joe reveals he was sentenced to community service.

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