Lloyd gets a beating for Cheryl

Lloydpicks up an upset Cheryl from the strip club, she’s mid row with her boss and Lloyd’s appalled to see she has a black eye. Jumping to conclusions he storms into the club and punches her boss. The bouncers step in and as Lloyd gets a beating, Cheryl gets fired. But it’s clear that Mal might not be to blame for Cheryl’s injuries.

Rita offers a grateful Tina the spare room in her flat. David is still pursuing his plan to break her and Graeme up, but he doesn’t realise what he’s up against. Things get even better for the pair when a thoughtful Graeme surprises Tina with a rickshaw ride along the canal.

The factory girls are winding Nick up, telling him there’s no way they’ll get the order done in time. But he’s presently surprised to find they have the order finished and packed before deadline.

Also; Steve and Becky get positive news from the adoption coordinator; Sean dwells on his failed attempt to make contact with Violet and his son.

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