Lloyd is on cloud 9 after he and Cheryl spend the night together, but Russ is unnerved about the new man in his life and runs off. Terrified, Cheryl calls the police, but to her relief Chris turns up with Russ in tow. However, Lloyd’s relief turns to anger when Chris makes jibes about their parenting skills.

John returns home in the middle of the night looking tired and bedraggled, and he doesn’t bank on Fiz being awake and waiting for him. He has no other choice but to lie again. He claims that he went for a drive to clear his head, the identity fraud has finally become too much for him. But this time Fiz doesn’t buy it and after finding Charlotte’s address she heads over demanding answers. But she’s in for a shock when she accuses Charlotte of sleeping with John.

Gail seems to be softening towards Lewis, much to Audrey’s delight. But it’s all down to the fact that Audrey will consider installing David as manager until the salon’s sold.

Also, Dev takes advantage of Claire’s good nature; Owen continues to make his mark on the street, much to Bill’s chagrin.

*Second Episode, 8.30pm*

John is trying to phone Charlotte, but she’s too busy dealing with Fiz, who is raging and smashing Charlotte’s possessions, demanding the truth. Fiz is convinced she and John are having an affair, but when Charlotte insists the whole situation is down to Colin, who’s disappeared, it looks like she’s about to reveal everything. Back at home John’s sweating as he waits to hear whether Charlotte has betrayed him.

Cheryl’s still upset by Russ’s confusion over Lloyd and while she’s angry with Lloyd for hitting Chris she makes it clear to Chris that they’re over. Lloyd’s given some hope and as he hugs Cheryl he assumes that she is giving their relationship the green light. But she’s not sure she’s ready to move on.

Lewis hears that Peter’s going away for a few days so he starts to formulate a plan. Hanging around the bookies, he works his charms on a very willing Dierdre. He waits and at the first opportunity franks another betting slip before plotting his next move.

Also, Owen offers Jason some work now that Bill has nothing for him to do; relations are strained between Dev and childminder Claire.

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