Lloyd is back at Streetcars, but for how long? (VIDEO)

Business is booming at Streetcars. Steve’s out in his cab when he spots smoke coming from a cab owned by rival firm – to his surprise Lloyd walks out of the smoke towards him. An embarrassed Lloyd reveals he lost most of his money. Insisting on helping, Steve fetches Lloyd back to the street, offering him the spare room at the flat and to come back to Streetcars. Chuffed, Lloyd accepts. But when he bumps into an irked Karl and makes it clear he’s going to be his boss again Steve’s puzzled – he was offering Lloyd a job as a driver not co-owner.

Marcus has spent the night at Maria’s, but as he returns to No 11 to pick up his things he and Sean come face to face and Marcus reveals he’s moving back to London. However when Marcus tells Maria of his plans she puts forward a case for him to stay.

With Fiz, Katy and Chesney all struck down with a virus Anna offers to take Hope and Joseph to hers and Gary and Izzy offer to help.

Also, Hayley’s salsa partner is taken ill on the day of her exam and she asks Norris to step into the breach.

*Second Episode, 8.30pm*

As Lloyd moves his things into the flat Eileen urges Steve to set him straight about their ‘partnership’. Knowing the conversation is going to be awkward Steve’s keen to avoid it as he arranges for Kevin to view no. 13. There Tracy and Beth do their best to put Kevin off the house. Kevin sees through it but when he tells Steve of their plan he’s furious, sick of people treating him like a mug. When Lloyd then walks into the cab office revealing the bank have agreed to lend him the money to buy back into Streetcars Steve lets rip. As he explains he’s not selling shares after the mess he left him in Lloyd’s stung and old tensions resurface.

As Izzy and Gary take over the babysitting while Anna goes to work Izzy quizzes Gary over how he feels about babies.

Sean’s thrown when Marcus reveals that he’s decided to stay around and is living at Maria’s.

Also; As Hayley drags Norris off to the dance exam Roy and Mary settle down to a game of chess.