Lloyd loses his cool with Neil

A desperate Neil becomes nostalgic as he and Andrea share a drink together in the pub. But all the talk of happier family times in the past starts to unnerve Andrea and she decides it’s high time she gave Neil a few home truths. Lloyd’s had enough of Neil’s attempts to win back his ex and orders him to leave, but when he later spots Neil’s car parked outside the flat Lloyd just about manages to keep his cool.

After an unsuccessful walk in the county Deirdre is determined that she will not carry on camping. Instead Ken decides the best course of action is to attempt to clear the air and the pair finally admit they actually missed each other while Ken was away.

A disgusted Leanne is furious with Peter for drinking before Simon’s visit and, telling him he’s blown it, she takes Simon home… for good

Also, David is disgusted by Nick’s recent behaviour and warns him that his play-acting must stop. But it seems that Leanne has rumbled his game too.