Lloyd tells people that Paul’s a racist!

Eileen begs Paul to swallow his pride and apologise to Lloyd before things get out of hand. Paul begrudgingly agrees, but when he gets the cold shoulder in the corner shop he realises Lloyd’s been spreading the word that he’s a racist. Confronting Lloyd, Paul refuses to apologise.

Michelle warns a worried Carla that the crazy deals Peter is offering in the bookies could bankrupt him. When Steve takes advantage of one of Peter’s deals, it seems she’s been proved right.

Having had a basic health check at the doctors with Roy, Hayley’s puzzled and unnerved when they ask her to call in at the medical centre for her test results.

Also, Emily returns from the solicitors and tells Norris he just needs to sign the paperwork and then No 3 will be his; Tracy’s thrilled when Rob announces he’s managed to acquire a sports car.