Stella’s got her work cut out with Lloyd’s accounts, but after a long day it’s done and he has the files to send off to audit. Lloyd offers a heartfelt thank you before Stella races back to the pub as she’s got a hen do in. But at the Rovers, Stella’s stressed to hear Tina hasn’t arrived for her shift as her car’s been clamped. Rushing to the cab office she asks Lloyd to get in touch with Karl. Lloyd gets straight on the switch, but Karl doesn’t reply.

When Carla receives a box of silk addressed for Frank (for his big Leydon order) it’s not long before Anne and Sally arrive at Underworld demanding she hands it over. Rallying round Carla the staff claim they know nothing of the delivery, but when they later walk into to the pub all wearing garments made from Frank’s expensive silk Sally is outraged.

When Tina and Kirsty have another spat, and Tyrone sides with Tina, Kirsty’s left fuming. Tina’s then stunned when her car is later clamped and towed away.

Also, as Sophie and Sian plan for their civil partnership Sophie’s keen to put Amber behind her; Peter’s thrown into turmoil when Emily asks him to make a speech at Friday’s tram crash memorial service.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

With Karl still not answering his phone Stella’s left to deal with the hen do alone. But just as the party descends into chaos Lloyd arrives and gets behind the bar. They make a good team and as they clear up at the end of the night Stella offers him a drink to say thanks. Misreading the signals Lloyd kisses her. Luckily Karl doesn’t realise what’s going on when he rushes in, making an excuse about running out of petrol when he was really at the casino gambling.

Peter reveals to Ken that the anniversary of the tram crash has hit him like a sledgehammer and has made him think about things he’s tried to forget. Struggling as the residents meet to discuss the memorial service he makes an excuse and leaves. Bumping into Carla, who’s upset after her run-in with Sally, both admit they could murder a drink.

As Sally works late Frank thanks her for her support. He feels obliged to ask if she minds being alone with him, in light of his rape charge. As Sally assures him she’s fine we sense they’re growing closer.

Also, Tina’s forced to pay the clampers a hefty fee to have Rita’s car released. Back at home she’s convinced it’s Kirsty’s doing.