Lofty is back at Holby City!

But this time the nurse is swapping the corridors of Casualty's ED for the hospital's Keller ward. Will it be a match made in heaven?

A new agency nurse makes quite an impact when they turn up on Keller, as they emerge from the hospital lift trying frantically to resuscitate a patient – it’s former Casualty ED nurse, Ben ‘Lofty’ Chiltern (played by Lee Mead)!

Aware that Lofty left the ED to go travelling following the turmoil of having a nurse die on his watch, Sacha wants to make sure Lofty’s ready to return to work and he assures him he is.

Lofty’s nursing skills are more than a little rusty to say the least, though, and an ill-judged decision sees him come under fire from both Sacha and Dominic! Will Lofty decide that nursing is perhaps not for him? Or is it just what he needs to get his life back on track?

>>Watch an interview with Lee Mead about his return

Meanwhile, Jac’s due to give an important presentation for potential funding when old friend and colleague Fran Reynolds turns up on Darwin with a serious medical condition that needs urgent treatment. Jac vows to help in the only way she knows how – but could the decision cost her professionally?

Also, Ollie has finally bought a proper engagement ring for fiancée Zosia but can’t decide on the most romantic way to present it to her. Could Fletch be a man with a plan?