Peter invites Lola to go to The Shard. His romantic gesture backfires, however, as it sends Lola into a panic over what to wear. After borrowing an outfit from Ronnie, Lola then finds she’s got baby sick on her! When Abi and Jay join them, Peter and Jay argue over Lola. Rattled when Jay then tries to kiss her, Lola runs off, and is run over by Ronnie on the exact spot where Danielle was killed…

Roxy decides to set Ronnie up with Charlie Cotton. Meanwhile, Ronnie has decided it’s a bad idea for Roxy to be dating Aleks and forces Aleks to cancel a date. When Roxy is upset over being blown out by Aleks, a guilty Ronnie comforts her, cancelling her own date with Charlie.

Mick is still suspicious that Lee is up to something. When he catches Lee with a packed bag, he realises that Stan is helping Lee do a runner. Demanding the truth, Mick listens while Lee claims he can’t go back to the army as he slept with another soldier’s girlfriend. Mick isn’t convinced, but there’s nothing he can do.

Also, Tina comforts a terrified Sonia over her test results.