Lola is devastated when the judge rules that Phil will continue as Lexi’s foster carer. Billy, Trish, Sharon and Jack are appalled by Phil’s interference. Billy tries to calm down Lola, who is convinced that Lexi will end up in care. When Billy tries to talk round Phil, Lola overhears Phil saying she will never get Lexi back from him. A frightened Lola takes Lexi and runs away.

Jack wants Sharon to talk about their relationship, but she’s busy with Lola. Jack admires Sharon for helping Lola, but part of him wishes she could walk away. When Sharon insists she can’t change who she is, Jack says she needs to choose to be with him or not. As their row escalates it soon turns to passion. When Sharon agrees after Jack says he wants them to be a family, Jack insists Sharon cut off all contact with Phil.

Denise is late for work after helping Kim take care of Patrick. After Denise explains her predicament to Ian, he pays Patrick a visit. When Ian asks Patrick questions about Denise, Patrick realises that Ian is keen on her. Patrick dares an unconfident Ian to ask Denise on a date.