Lola learns of Phil’s plans for Lexi

Lola is excited at the prospect of Lexi coming home with help from Phil. A guilty Billy tries to manage her expectations. When Phil turns up with the consent form to have residency of Lexi, a horrified Lola storms out. Later, Lola is upset when Trish visits without a poorly Lexi. Realising she wants her daughter back whatever it takes Lexi tells Phil she’ll sign his consent forms.

Jack decides to throw a surprise party for Sharon when a smug Phil reveals it’s her birthday and suggests it’s a significant one. Sharon is stunned to walk into the club to see all her friends gathered. When Phil reveals Sharon is 43, Jack realises Phil was winding him up. Although Sharon reveals she hates surprise parties, Jack has the last laugh when Sharon passionately kisses him for being thoughtful.

AJ asks Phil for a job at the Arches, realising he needs to pull his weight now the family is without Zainab. Phil tasks AJ with fixing up a clapped-out motorbike as a test. AJ turns up at the Masoods with an up-and-running motorbike, revealing he’s got the job. Meanwhile, Christian and Syed return from honeymoon and are shocked to learn that Zainab has left Walford.