Lola offers herself to test Ben’s sexuality!

Lola sees Ben buying a present for Christian and teases him that he’s gay. Lola realises she’s hit the nail on the head by Ben’s reaction. Ben is miserable when Christian tells him he can’t accept a present. Lola questions Ben about being gay and asks him if he’s ever had sex with a girl. When Ben reveals he hasn’t, she suggests they sleep together to see if Ben really is gay… Afterwards, they conclude Ben is gay and they will stay just friends.

Yusef takes Christian aside again and puts more doubts in his mind about Yasmin’s paternity. Christian takes a hair from Yasmin’s cardigan and one from Syed and hands it to Yusef to send off for a DNA test. Later, Christian feels guilty when Syed treats him to dinner for being so sweet over Yasmin. Meanwhile, Yusef sends off Yasmin’s hair sample, but replaces Syed’s with one of his own hairs.

Janine’s disappointed when there’s nothing special in the post. Heather and Billy are suspicious when she buys coffee and cakes at work. That evening, a miserable Janine returns to find the kitchen decked with romantic fairy lights and Michael cooking dinner. Janine is touched that Michael has found out it’s her birthday as he hands her a glass of champagne.