Lola reaches out to Ian

Lola extends an olive branch to Ian, thanking him for babysitting Lexi. Lola tells Ian that Peter just wants him to be happy. Taking Lola’s words to heart, Ian surprises Denise by offering to take her to a wedding fayre. When the car doesn’t start, they’re stuck at home, however, and end up playing board games!

Shirley has some unfinished business with Phil – namely her confession that she’s in love with him. When Shirley asks Phil to be honest with her, he confesses that he does have feelings for her too, but it’s too much to deal with at the moment. Visiting Sharon in hospital, Phil’s emotions get the better of him and he proposes to her. A heartbroken Shirley is listening.

Dean gets help from the Carters to set up the new salon. Although he puts on a good pretence of bonding with his family, it’s clear that he’s planning to empty the shop of everything worth selling and do a runner. Stan, however, is onto Dean and reveals that the shop supplies are hidden in a lock up. Stan gives Dean the lock up key and a choice. Dean decides to stay.

Also, Johnny is grateful when a recovering Sharon thanks him for calling the police.