Lola searches for proof of Sharon’s addiction

Lola is frustrated when Billy’s clearly not convinced by her accusations about Sharon. At the dinner party, Lola snoops in Sharon’s handbag to find proof that she’s still on the pills. When Phil finds her, Lola tries to cover, but Sharon walks in and realises what she’s up to. After Billy leaves for a date with Ava, Lola tries to take Lexi home and has a stand off with Sharon and Phil just as Trish arrives.

Billy calls Ava to rearrange the time for their date after being persuaded by Lola to pop in on the family dinner. Ava is deflated when Dexter points out Billy is already messing her around. Getting cold feet about the date, Ava is persuaded to go through with it by Tanya. When there’s a knock at the door Ava opens it to find not Billy, but a face from the past…

Max is put out when Kirsty claims that she’s already had her 12-week scan, hurt that she didn’t ask him to go with her. Kirsty bluffs she doesn’t have any pictures, as she didn’t want to pay for them. When Max insists on taking Kirsty for a fancy 3D scan so they can see the baby together, Kirsty feels trapped.