Julie forces Lola to go to work when she discovers she’s taken a sickie. Julie wants Billy to talk to Lola and he agrees to go to the cafe. Billy finds Lola arguing with an irate Abi, who caught her chatting up Jay. Lola does a runner. Julie is angry when Billy returns without having talked to Lola. Billy gets a call from social services and is delighted when the social worker reveals they’re trying to find them a family home. It’s clear Julie is not so keen.

Jean is intrigued when Eddie is secretive about an important-looking letter. Mo teases Jean about her crush on Eddie. Jean reveals that Eddie wears silk boxer shorts! Jean tells Eddie she knows his ‘secret’, meaning his silk boxers. Eddie thinks Jean has read his letter and darkly insists that she keep what she knows to herself.

Lauren confesses to Rainie she likes Ryan. Rainie is horrified and reveals that he’s a drug dealer. Rainie warns Ryan away from Lauren and says she knows he’s dealing. A worried Ryan doesn’t want Lauren telling Whitney, so he invites Lauren over the club and they kiss and go back to his for more…

Also, Michael pays boxer Big Andy to throw a fight against Tyler.