Billy calls an ambulance to tend to Lola. Phil wants his file. Billy is certain Lola only knows about the file because Phil mentioned it. Phil ransacks Billy’s flat anyway. Lola and the baby are given the OK and Billy brings Lola home. Billy is arrested for handling stolen goods as someone tipped off the police about Billy and Phil burying dodgy goods in the allotment and Billy’s fingerprints are all over them.

Derek backs up Carol when she has a go at Shirley for threatening Liam. Derek and Carol have a heart-to-heart and he insists he’s a changed man these days. Carol hesitantly agrees to ask Pat to let him move in. Pat refuses. Carol doesn’t push it as she senses there’s something wrong. Pat confesses that she might lose the house, as she can’t keep up the loan repayments.

Rose offers Kim, Jean and Denise a tarot reading. Kim is huffy when the cards suggest she’s dissatisfied with her life as she’s really a homemaker, not a party girl. Rose asks the ladies to think of a question. Rose draws a card that suggests love is on its way. Kim and Jean both insist the card was meant for them!

Also, Zainab goes through with marrying Yusef.