Lonely Laurel reaches out to Will

With her husband Ashley now in full-time care, devastated Laurel turns to Will on the anniversary of their son Daniel's death

It’s the anniversary of her son Daniel’s death, but Laurel doesn’t have his dad, Ashley by her side to support her. With the vicar now living in full-time care, it’s a dark day for Laurel – and a taste of things to come. Distraught about where her life is at, she confides in carer, Will.

In the Woolie, Aaron and Robert’s wedding ceremony is still in chaos, what with the police there to make an arrest. But who have they come to nab?

But that’s not the only crisis going on in the Dingles’ lives. Having found out Sarah’s cancer treatment is happening abroad, they’re on a mission to make Debbie accept that she’s legally not allowed to leave the country and that to risk that would be lunacy.

Panicked David visits the doctor, and Paddy confides in Marlon.