Callum sees a mysterious woman arrive at Lassiters and is sure he recognises her from somewhere. He digs out the old Ramsay Street reunion video and, when he finds her, he shows the film to his father. Toadie immediately recognises her – it’s Sarah Beaumont, the woman who broke up Karl and Susan’s marriage. But why is she back in town?

Toadie hears about Karl’s determination to get back together with Susan, and invites them both to dinner to Karl him the chance to ‘work his magic’. Both accept but when Toadie finds out about Sarah’s arrival he knows it won’t mean good news for Karl and Susan. Meanwhile, Paul meets up with the representative from the media company buying the Erinsborough news and it’s none other than Sarah. She’s aware that Susan’s the editor and would like to avoid meeting her if possible.

Patrick is rushed into surgery as Vanessa and Lucas watch on helplessly. Sony arrives to offer help and Lucas explains that he’d admitted his love to Vanessa, though he believes she was about to reject him. As Patrick comes through the operation, Georgia convinces his parents to take up the hospital accommodation so they can rest and stay nearby. Lucas feels awkward and decides to leave but Vanessa reaches for him and kisses him. Have Lucas’s dreams come true?