Emmerdale isn’t just full of memories for Charity – it’s still home to a man she used and abused when she was there before: Jimmy King. Charity showed no mercy when she had an affair with Jimmy to get revenge on his wife, Sadie, who had ruined her chances of marrying Tom King. It all kicks off when Jimmy and Nicola see her in The Woolpack and Cain drags Charity away, driving her off to the middle of nowhere. A sort of peace breaks out between them – until Cain thinks Charity’s suggesting he’s still in love with her. He abandons her on the moors and later has to face a furious Debbie and Charity. Is Debbie going to have to choose between her mum and dad?

Aaron has made his choice and moved in with Paddy. But Chas is back and isn’t happy. She accuses Paddy of using Aaron to hurt her. As if she wasn’t in enough trouble with her boy!

Elsewhere, Leyla finds an extra £100 in her pay packet. But she’s learned her lesson and immediately points out the mistake to Nathan. Honesty does pay, though, as Nathan insists she keeps the money. Is he trying to buy Leyla?

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