Look who’s back on the Street!

Jack is in a terrible state on the day of Vera’s funeral and he wonders whether he is up to giving the eulogy. Matters aren’t improved when Terry turns up at No 9 and parks his car in the space reserved for the hearse and then doesn’t even recognise his own son Paul! Jack collapses at the funeral, but he picks himself up and insists he wants to carry on.

Maria thinks it’s sweet that Liam came home early from his business trip to be with her and she boasts to Carla that Liam couldn’t spend a night without her. Carla bursts Maria’s bubble when she reveals that Tony turned up at the hotel shortly before Liam left. Maria wonders whether Liam told her the truth about why he came home early.

Michelle can’t stop thinking about her biological son Alex and she gives in to temptation and rings his mum Wendy to see how he is. Michelle is upset when Wendy makes it clear that Alex has taken the whole business badly and is in a state.

Also, David confesses to Tina about his suicide attempt and court case and she’s intrigued when he says that certain people need to be taught a lesson.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Michelle is angry when Nick pays a surprise visit and demands to know what Ryan’s decision is about seeing him and Wendy. Nick says he can’t bear the thought of not seeing his son again and although Michelle feels the same, she insists that they respect the boys’ wishes. Michelle’s maternal instincts are aroused when she learns that Alex is having a tough time and has moved in with Nick, as he doesn’t get on with Wendy’s new man.

Jack struggles through a moving eulogy to Vera. Back at the wake at the Rovers, Terry pulls Jack to one side and urges Jack not to sell the house to Tyrone and Molly. Jack knows exactly what Terry is up to and he tells Tyrone, Molly and Paul that Terry is just concerned about getting a hefty inheritance but he insists that they are his family now. Jack gets tearful as he raises a glass to his beloved wife Vera.

Liam is stunned when Maria confronts him about only leaving Birmingham because of Tony’s surprise arrival. Michelle points out that Carla has been trying to wind up Maria and a furious Liam vows to confront her.

Also, David tells Gail that Tina is the only person who has ever understood him.