Look who’s back…

When Liam and Bianca run into Heath and his lawyer, Hayley, an argument brews up, in which Liam suggests that Heath may not be the baby’s father. His unwitting implication is that Bianca may have slept with someone else and Heath demands a paternity test before the baby is born, a process that could endanger the baby’s life.

Meanwhile, Brax is not amused when he finds Hayley waiting for Heath and demands that she leaves. Later, he has second thoughts and agrees to talk to her, driving her to a scenic spot near a very dangerous cliff. What is Brax planning to do?

John loses his temper with a student on the school bus run and ejects him from the bus, an event witness by Harvey. Later, to John’s bemusement, Gina invites Roo and Harvey to lunch where the two men continue their bickering, with Harvey again threatening to ruin the chances of John’s bus company renewing it’s contract with the council. When John finds that the contract’s gone to a rival firm, he immediately rounds on Harvey, who denies any involvement in the decision.

On Roo’s advice, Leah apologises to Brax about the night before. But Brax appears extremely distant being preoccupied with Hayley’s reappearance.