Loretta and Jake come clean

Loretta and Jake arrange to meet up in the park, but Loretta’s flustered when she bumps into Kris and Charlie, and they don’t notice when Charlie wanders off. Jake’s annoyed when he turns up late to meet Loretta and she insinuates she thought he’d taken Charlie. As the accusations towards Jake fly and Nancy insists on reporting him to the police, Loretta finally vouches for his whereabouts.

Hannah goes to help with the search for Charlie, but Nancy makes it quite clear she’s not welcome. A downbeat Hannah returns to the flat. Touched by Darren’s kindness, Hannah kisses him. But with his mind on Cindy, Darren pulls away.

Ricky turns up to see Anita, excited that they’re merging schools next week, and invites her to join him in his shack. He’s relieved when he returns to the shack to find her waiting for him but shocked when she reveals she’s come to say goodbye. When they discover Charlie sleeping under a pile of clothes she realises that running away isn’t the answer.

Also; Cindy and Darren bump into each other in the village and both feign upbeat moods to mask their true feelings. Later, Cindy returns to the restaurant to find Tony and Theresa in a compromising position.

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