Steph wakes up confused to find herself at Loretta’s B&B. Loretta promised she’d drive Steph home and she knows the Osbornes will be worried sick. Loretta’s in no hurry to let her go and insists on a little chat. Steph’s suspicious, but Loretta is adamant that she didn’t lie about having cancer and that Jake’s losing his mind. Steph realises that she only has Jake’s word for all the crazy things Loretta’s supposedly done. Sensing she needs to work harder to get Steph on side, Loretta tells her a monstrous secret about her damaged past.

Suzanne wakes up in Darren’s flat, ashamed they had sex the night before. Darren tries to convince her he’s a good bet but when he finds out Cheryl’s won a fortune, Darren makes a play for her. Suzanne catches him in the act and realises she’s made a mistake.

A pregnant Theresa jumps out of her skin when edgy Kyle tracks her down. He wants to know why she’s lying to everyone that the baby is his, wondering what she’s got to hide.

Also; Cheryl wakes up and finds herself snuggled into Charlotte and Charlotte delights in rubbing her nose in the fact that she may have turned gay.

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