Loretta has a fall

Gilly finds Loretta’s purse and gives it back to her and the girls are stunned when Loretta says she thinks he’s fit! Hannah feels a twinge of jealousy when Loretta confesses that she once kissed Darren. Nancy embarrasses Gilly and Loretta feels sorry for him and they hook up. Loretta dances on the bar with the other girls, but and ends up having a drunken fall.

Ravi has been struck blind after the fight and the doctor suggests that it is down to his aneurysm and they will need to operate to save his eyesight. Ash feigns surprise to learn about Ravi’s condition and the Roy family are devastated when they find out. Leila realises that Ash is devastated and comforts him and Ravi joins them as they try to put the future out of their minds.

Lydia finds out that Sarah once dated Rhys. Meanwhile, Sarah asks Rhys if he can get her some festival tickets as a surprise for Lydia and Rhys demands a cheeky kiss in recompense. Lydia is put out when she sees them kiss and Charlotte can’t resist stoking her jealousy. Lydia confronts Sarah but she backtracks when she learns about the surprise festival tickets. The girls kiss and make up and Charlotte is disappointed.

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