Loretta kidnaps Steph!

Cheryl’s had a wild night celebrating her lottery win. Then the worst happens. She’s lost the scratchcard. Steph gets some great news when a talent scout wants to meet her. Jake doesn’t like the sound of it, but Steph lies and goes alone. She thinks she’s been stood up when Loretta appears, offering her a lift home. But she drives in the wrong direction.

Elliot realises something needs to be done to boost Nancy’s confidence, so he asks Charlotte to rig the event in her favour. However, at the final she loses against Cheryl who’s won over the crowd with free drinks. In commiserating Nancy, Elliot inadvertently tells her he loves her. Meanwhile, India sees Amy at a loose end and invites her to the ‘Who’s the Hotty?’ competition. She goes head to head with Nancy, but some of her past mistakes cast her in an unattractive light.

Charlotte makes the most of Jem and India’s desire to impress her. As India’s White Russian cocktail went down so well with Cheryl, India made the bar the most money. India gets the job.

Also; Lauren’s terrified when a knock at the door brings Kyle crashing back into her home. For some reason, Lauren thinks he got Theresa pregnant.

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