Loretta leaves Jake crushed

Jake convinces Malachy to go for a drink with him at The Loft, where Cheryl joins them. When Calvin arrives and tells Cheryl just who Jake is, Malachy insists they continue their drink at The Dog. But this time it’s Kris who attacks Malachy. Jake is sore that Loretta is there to witness it and leaves. Later, Loretta tells him they can’t be seen together.

Archie is struggling to cope and matters are made worse when Mike accosts him in the village. Mike runs into an emotional Lydia and invites her to stay until the court case is over. Back in Halls, everyone’s going insane listening to Archie’s conspiracy theories. And a stressed Lydia eventually opens up to Archie, revealing that there is a possibility that Sarah may have killed herself.

Zak approaches Dave at the SU bar and warns him off Michaela. He’s confused when Josh warns him that, in Zak’s eyes, not liking Michaela is as bad as liking her. Zak lets Dave off the hook, but he’s been warned…

Also, Frankie gives Ste an idea and he dashes off to Relish to find stacks of food. Mike drops by to confirm the catering for the wake and Natty is pleased to see how grateful Mike is to Ste.

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