Loretta lies to Dom

Loretta is still angry with Dom for following her and Cindy back from the club. Dom reveals that he can’t help worrying about her as he’s still haunted by Tina’s death at the hands of psycho Niall. Loretta feels bad for criticising Dom and she tells him she’ll give up lap dancing. Dom is delighted but when he goes out to work a bored Loretta can’t resist and sneaks out to the strip club…

Leila is worried about Anita and forces her to let her into the bathroom and she’s horrified to discover that Anita has burnt her legs with bleach. An equally horrified Bel gets Anita to hospital. Gov is stunned when he finds out what’s happened and accuses Anita of being ashamed of her skin. Anita is furious that Gov doesn’t understand her and plans revenge.

Josh and Rhys are losing the will to live when Kris’s radio show ‘Voice Idol’ throws up no decent singers. They perk up when a demo tape comes in with a brilliant female vocalist but the only catch is that there is no name or contact details on the demo. The boys are determined to find out who the mystery singer is…

Also, Mike offers to help Zoe finish her project.

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