Loretta lies to Jake

Loretta’s jealousy rises as Jake insists on helping Steph in MOBS when he should be spending his day with her. Loretta watches MOBS from a distance as Jake accidentally spills a smoothie on a giggly Jem. To ensure Jake doesn’t stray, Loretta tells him a terrible lie.

Reeling from the news that Steph has cancer, Gilly turns up at her door and begs her not to shut him out. But Steph insists she has to do this on her own. Gilly steals a letter with Steph’s appointment details. He turns up at Oncology just in time to support Steph through some bad news.

It’s Carmel’s first day back at Evissa after Calvin’s shooting and Michaela and a guilt-ridden Theresa turn up to lend her their support. But Michaela’s really there to secure an exclusive interview for The Herald and as Carmel talks about Calvin, Michaela secretly records her words.

Also, Michaela’s betrayal is discovered. She defends her actions and insists there are rumours at The Herald that Calvin must have been seeing someone else. Determined to track the killer down and find out the truth, Carmel agrees to talk.

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