Jake confesses to a terrified Nancy that he thought things were OK between them after receiving letters from Hannah. Back at the flat, Jake is surprised to see Loretta, she tells him that she’s been writing to him, not Hannah. When Darren comes home, he finds himself the target of Jake’s wrath…

Newt is desperate to banish Eli, but after a struggle, it’s apparent that he’s taken over Newt. As Eli’s personality becomes increasingly odder, it dawns on Rae that he’s taken over and she flees for her life. After a chase through the warehouse, Eli snares Rae and we see Newt wrestle for control to save her. Newt knows he’ll have to battle with Eli for the rest of his life, and is stunned when Rae suggests they end it all together…

Nancy falls to pieces on Loretta after her encounter with Jake in the Drive ‘n’ Buy, who herself is wracked with guilt now that Nancy knows about the letters. Nancy prepares to ask Hannah exactly what’s she’s been up to, while Loretta feels the net closing in on her.

Also; Lauren tells Jack that she’s seen Newt and they make plans to head off for the warehouse in search of him.

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