Jake and Loretta wake up after her first night at The Osbornes. When Loretta leaves for work. Frankie encourages Jake to redecorate and although Steph tries to protest everyone seems pleased with the idea.

Jake tells Steph he would like Loretta to move in with them permanently and a reluctant Steph tells her what Jake wants. But will Loretta regret her decision when she declines?

Calvin comes across Mercedes in the office, and as they are about to kiss they are interrupted by a phone call. After bumping into India, Calvin invites her to The Loft. A jealous Mercedes interrupts and berates Calvin. Malachy returns and shows Calvin an eternity ring he’s bought for Mercedes, thanking him for being such a good mate.

Also, Dominic appears with a live goat dressed as Rudolph, but when Michaela spots it she encourages Josh and Dave to set him free. India returns home and the students begin to argue, until Dave tells Michaela that she must take it back. Dominic wakes up to find Rudolph has returned home.

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