Mandy catches Lorraine drinking and Lucy listens in as she cruelly taunts Mandy that no one will ever love her. Mandy begs Ian to throw Lorraine out, but he dismisses her worries and takes the family for a meal. Lucy tells Ian that Lorraine stole from him. Mandy throws a drink over Lorraine when she becomes spiteful. Ian throws Lorraine out. As a parting shot, Lorraine suggests to a rattled Ian that Mandy is a serial bride.

Denise tells Zainab she’ll help her out with any favour as a thank you for her gift. Zainab asks Denise to help her and Masood run the restaurant while Tamwar and Afia have a night to themselves. Tam and Afia have a nice evening in. Afia offers to put on Tamwar’s scar cream and at first he flinches, but then lets her do it.

Shirley is put out when Heather tells her not to come over as she’s spending the day with Andrew. Shirley turns up anyway and Andrew is annoyed. Shirley badgers Andrew into a ‘who knows Heather best quiz. Shirley is dismissive when Andrew wins. Heather is tired of the arguing and tells Shirley she’s struggling to be her friend.

Also, Lauren gets a job as a cleaner with Janine.