Jake and Nancy are left shell-shocked by Becca’s death and blame themselves for what’s happened, with things taking an emotional turn when they run into Justin and Calvin in the village. Elsewhere, even hard-nosed Frankie ends up shedding a tear for Becca’s loss.

Having jumped to the conclusion that Dominic is having an affair with Kathy Barnes, Michaela confides in Carmel and the pair are soon hot on his trail. But they’re in for a shock when they discover Dominic and ‘Kathy’ getting down to business in the bushes.

Zoe and Jessica have a girly talk about her new relationship with Kris and confess they are surprised at how the opposites have ended up together. But far from letting Kris and Jessica enjoy their happiness with each other, nasty Will has already set one of his evil schemes in motion, with unlucky Kris in for a nasty shock that could change his life forever…
* Screened on TV3, Friday 16th March *