Lost Boy apologises to his friends

Zeke admits he is Lost Boy and goes back on air to apologise for deceiving his friends and family. As he discusses the importance of being honest with the people you love, Sunny-Lee hopes that he’s talking about her. Libby works out there are some deeper emotions at play between Sunny and Zeke, however, Sunny is quick to deny it.

When a dinner party for the adults is organised, Libby takes the opportunity to ask Sunny and Zeke to babysit the kids, in the hope they will stop their bickering and sort things out. The two love-birds find a common ground while babysitting Callum and Ben and their evening takes a turn for the better.

Steph is desperate to make a go of their relationship with Greg, and so struggles to tell him she doesn’t want more kids. Tensions escalate when Libby attempts to show her support for the couple by hosting a ‘Welcome to Ramsay Street’ dinner party and Greg learns about Toadie’s play.

Questioning his inspiration, Greg is stunned to learn that it’s the story of Steph and Toadie’s relationship. While Greg and Steph manage to resolve their differences, Susan challenges Toadie on his behaviour. Is he still in love with Steph?

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