Lost Boy’s identity is revealed…

Zeke, disguised as Lost Boy, creates trouble for Dan with the school president. As a result Dan is ordered to discover Lost Boy’s identity and get him shut down. Zeke agrees to stop broadcasting as long as Dan doesn’t reveal his identity.

Meanwhile, Donna is reeling from the news that Matt is not her father and vents her anger by calling Lost Boy as all her friends listen to his radio show. Donna ends up accusing Zeke of abandoning her, just like everyone else. Keen to reassure her, Zeke tells Donna just how much he and all of her friends care about her – outing himself in the process.

Later, Cass tells Donna the identity of her real father, but although Donna has some sympathy for Cass’s tale of rejection, she loses patience when Cass starts playing the victim again, blaming Matt and the children for ruining her life. Meanwhile, Elle decides to help Donna and make sure her mother leaves town for good.

Still determined to seize the moment in the aftermath of his accident, Declan proceeds with his plan to propose to Bridget. After a nail-biting few moments she accepts. Love triumphs. Or does it?

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