Lottie decides to rebel

Roo mentions to Alf about how she finds it difficult to connect with Lottie as she isn’t a ‘normal’ teenager and, unfortunately, Lottie overhears. Upset, she decides to act like a normal teenager by missing school and rebelling. Roo discovers that Lottie and Sasha are missing from class and finds them at Sasha’s place about to dye Lottie’s hair pink. After a row, Roo and Lottie make up and realise they have a lot more in common than they thought.

It’s the day of Danny Braxton’s court case and Brax is worried that his violent father is going to get out of prison and try to get back in with his family again. Then, as the case is about to start, Brax realises that Hayley is high on drugs and starts to think that she can’t possibly succeed.

Meanwhile, Liam realises that Hayley has taken Heath’s drugs to get a boost for the case and confiscates the rest of the drugs. But instead of discarding them, Liam is tempted to use again and after a wild few minutes collapses unconscious.