Lottie has competition for Dex’s affections

Xavier convinces Dex the best way to get the girls is by getting fit and building up his muscles, so he decides to join the trainee cop for a fitness session. But when Sasha and Lottie witness the event, Lottie confesses that muscles don’t impress her. Meanwhile, Lottie realises she has some competition for Dex’s affections, though Dex has told April he just wants to remain friends.

The sergeant investigating Colleen’s break-in questions Jett on Xavier’s advice, but gets little response. Knowing something’s up and remembering the promise she made to Jett’s mother, Gina makes an effort to get him to open up to her but Jett is staying tight-lipped.

Casey hands in an assignment late and gets an automatic fail from Townsend but Sasha makes the situation known to Gina, suspecting something’s going on, and Townsend is forced to re-mark the assignment. Later, the teacher makes a slur against Henri and riles Casey who responds by punching him in the face. Has Townsend got what he wanted?

And Sasha has a very positive first counselling session with Natalie.