Lou confronts Vanessa

Shocked that Vanessa has moved in, Lou offers to straighten things out with her for Lucas but when he confronts her in the coffee shop her honesty impresses him and he ends up telling Lucas to man up. Lucas isn’t happy but he eventually decides to square things with Vanessa, telling her he’s happy for her to stay until she gets on her feet.

Andrew gives Kyle some accounting software but when they input the figures from the books Lou has been keeping, they discover he’s $8000 in debt. Kate checks the figures and sure enough, they’re correct. She confronts Lou and he eventually admits that he’d ‘borrowed’ the money to pay for his cruise… and begs Kate not to reveal the truth to Kyle.

Andrew’s attempts to boast to Rhys about his achievements as a music manager fall flat but when Rhys advises him to dress smart for his important meeting, Andrew takes it on board.

And Jade seems clueless when it comes to dogs and asks Kate for advice.