After their kiss last week, Lou and Janelle are enjoying being together, until Lou’s former flame Mishka turns up out of the blue! While Janelle confides in Harold that she’s concerned Lou might drop her, Lou allows Mishka a chance to explain herself and is surprised to learn that Mishka pushed him down the stairs to prevent him being killed by her husband Igor.

Teresa offers to solve Sky’s problems by adopting her unborn baby, but Sky firmly tells her that she fully intends to keep her child. Later, Sky realises Teresa’s been up to no good, when a drunken Stingray turns up at the hospital and reveals that Teresa told him that Sky didn’t want him around. Angry Sky confronts Teresa, who expertly manages to regain her trust.

Unable to resist temptation, Stingray again raids the hotel mini-bar for booze, although this time he tries to hide it from Loris. Later, he gives Rachel the cold shoulder when she turns up to offer him support.

Loris offers Dylan a nine per cent share in Lassiter’s leaving Elle stunned. Elle attempts to make amends to Dylan for her past deceit and after he forgives her, the two end up in each other’s arms.

Also, hanging out with Year 9 babe Madison is more than Zeke bargained for, especially when his macho act doesn’t cover up his inexperience with girls.