Lou returns to Ramsay Street to find the place in turmoil. Quickly learning from Lyn what’s happened, Lou moves between the affected parties. Without condoning Steph and Toadie’s actions, he offers understanding and compassion. Worried the fallout will spread from the immediate parties to the rest of their families, Lou insists that no-one chooses sides. When Ben confronts Steph and demands to know the truth, barely held tempers are fractured, and it’s all Lou can do to hold things together. But when a fight between Lyn and the Kennedys brings up ugly things from the past, things rapidly fall apart. Will Lou’s worst fear be realised?

Desperate to prove he and his family aren’t all bad, Andrew offers to find Chris a new job. Summer’s put out that Andrew’s paying Chris so much attention, warning him not to trust a Robinson. Chris thrives with Andrew’s friendship, finding a new confidence and assertiveness. Summer finds herself on the back foot when Chris declares Andrew has been a great help, and is genuinely interested in him as a mate. Summer scoffs that Andrew’s only out for himself, but Chris makes it clear that Andrew is his friend and she needs to back off. Andrew’s thrilled to have someone in his corner while Summer’s gutted Chris appears to be taking sides.