Lou returns to find he’s homeless!

Lou returns from his UK trip unaware that the house has been sold to the Kapoors and makes himself at home until he’s discovered the following morning. Learning that Lucas has bought number 32, he asks if he can move in but is shocked when Lucas turns him down, claiming he’s building a home for Vanessa and the baby.

Lou has resigned himself to paying for a hotel when Kyle discovers his plight and insists he stay with them. Thrown by Kyle’s generosity and guilt-ridden by effectively stealing Kyle’s money, Lou is forced to confess his betrayal… something that doesn’t go down well with Kyle.

Andrew convinces Tash to invite Ed to the meeting, confident he’ll sabotage it, but Ed insists Andrew stays away. Unable to risk the meeting being a success, Andrew turns up anyway but is thwarted when Ed and Tash make a good impression. The meeting is a success and Tash and Ed have secured another offer for the app, leaving Andrew with a huge dilemma…