Lou tries to fake his own death

Lou decides to fake his own death and enlists Karl, Susan and Sheila to help. On the day of the memorial service, Sheila gives a eulogy that ends up being a character assination of Lou. Unable to help himself, Lou leaps out but is confronted by Stanley – who left the threatening note. Stanley isn’t part of drug cartel, but a scorned husband, whose wife has had an affair with Lou.

Belinda tells Steph she is buying number 26 for them, but Steph explains that they are not getting back together. Steph tells her ex to make amends with Toadie; however that plan goes awry. Later, Toadie is confronted by a furious Belinda, who accuses him of reporting her relationship with Steph to the hospital.

Sue Parker turns up complaining about the townhouse she’s been given. Paul decides to upgrade her with no extra cost, explaining that she pulled some strings at the council to get the Freestyle Development through quicker. Daniel tells Imogen the news and the next day, someone has told the police about her dodgy deals…