Louis is fuming with Joanne

Louis accuses Joanne of abducting Lisa when she reveals some information that even ‘Lisa’ didn’t know. As their row gets heated, DS Thorpe marches over and takes Louis to the station to calm down. Later, Louis is released and he tells Simone of his suspicions about Joanne abducting Lisa. Elsewhere, Joanne walks in on Zack and Lisa getting passionate on the Loveday’s sofa. She orders Lisa and Zack to come clean but, later, Louis confesses to Simone about his affair to prove Joanne had motive to tear their family apart.

As Ste and Harry are chucked out of the McQueens, Ste overhears Dirk telling Jason about how empty his flat feels and comes up with a plan. As Ste tries to impress Dirk at The Emporium, however, he ends up costing him money. At The Bean, Jack reveals he can’t repair the back door until tomorrow so, when Ste and Harry pretend they’ve fought off burglars, Jack rewards them both with a place to stay that night. But when Ste thinks Harry’s waiting for him in the shower and climbs in, he’s shocked to find a naked Jack!

Also, Holly’s delighted when Robbie reveals he’s applied to go to the same university as her to study engineering. Dirk interrupts them as they’re about to start ‘celebrating’ and Jason’s floored when he sees shirtless Robbie being thrown out into the village by Dirk. Jason tries to convince Joe he’s fine but later makes a suspicious phone call…